Esperanto Party running for European elections

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Europe – Democracy – Esperanto or E° D° E° (EDE) (in Esperanto: Eŭropo – Demokratio – Esperanto) is an electoral list, which participates in the European elections. The party's main platform is the introduction of Esperanto as the official language of the EU in order to promote linguistic unity in the union.

As Europe – Démocratie – Espéranto, the party first took part in an election in the European Parliament election, 2004, in France. Its German branch, Europa – Demokratie – Esperanto, failed to gather the 4000 signatures necessary to participate in the elections in Germany despite intense efforts (it was hampered by a late start).

The list's main goal is the promotion of Esperanto in the EU. In the medium–term, it wants Esperanto taught in schools Europe–wide, and in the long-term, it wants the EU to adopt Esperanto as its official language. In order to make this goal a reality, the EDE is striving to have list candidates in each country in the EU for the European Parliament election, 2009. Until now the organisation has only had branch offices in France and Germany.

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