What is your "water footprint"?

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Do you know what a water footprint is? I didn't, but I learned about it this morning. The question of water footprint has potential to become a very important question in the following years, such as climate change has become a topic in the last five years.
Your water footprint is the sum of water that you consume in a year. This is not only the water that you drink, with which you cook or in which you shower. It is also the water that was needed to produce the strawberries that you're eating. Or the roses that you bought for valentine's day.
Maude Barlow is a an expert of water to the United Nations. She says that two thirds of the water that a British person consumes in a year comes from countries with water shortages in Latin America and Africa, embedded in luxury nutrition. This in turn means that poor people in the streets of Sao Paolo suffer hunger - because your roses consumed their drinking water.
How to attenuate this development? The first thing is to consume responsibly and purposefully. Don't buy strawberries in the winter, when they are imported to Europe. Check the label on the product to see where it came from and what is in it. And stay tuned to further information on your water footprint.

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