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Kulturelle Differenzen - ein Beispiel

Deutsch Wir leben das Erasmusleben aus und waren gestern abend natürlich wieder in Mailand unterwegs. Zuerst ging es in eine Aperitivo-Bar. Für ein Getränk zum Preis von sechs Euro konnten wir uns nach Belieben am Buffet bedienen. Diese Art von Abendessen...


Europe: Give Your Ideas A Face!

In the pursuit of a more transparent Europe, the European Youth Forum (YFJ) the Party-Political Youth Organisations - Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP), Young European Socialists (ECOSY), European Liberal Youth (LYMEC), Federation of Young European...


Overview over European media

Up to now, there are few truly European media. Look at your member state, where you have tons of national, regional and local newspapers. But truly European newspapers, TV channels or radio channels? There are three, maybe four important print and online...


Voting for the European elections

Between 4 and 7 June, hundreds of millions of citizens will cast their votes all over the European Union and elect a new European Parliament. How exactly do these elections work? In casting your vote, who are you actually electing? Here is a brief overview...


European Youth Week takes place this week

Between Sunday 2 November and Sunday 9 November, the European Union celebrates the European Youth Week. All over the European Union, the Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture, in cooperation with the European Youth Forum and national...


Shaping Europe

I daresay it doesn't happen every day to eat and to develop plans for the future construction of Europe while your eating. However, in our Maastricht apartment, political discussions belong to our meals like salt and ketchup belong to our rice and pasta....


First few days in Italy

Hello from a splendid small city within the mountains of the Italian north! The weather is awesome and our hotel is incredible!!! A view over the whole valley and three three-course meals a day - we're gonna get fat instantaneously! "We" means around...


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