Bureaucracy in Italy/Bürokratie in Italien

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Germany is reputed for its tedious bureaucratic processes. But come to Italy and you'll see a new dimension. Here are a few things that I've tried to do, and that's what happened:

Sports course (pending for four weeks):
-I asked the Erasmus office on arriving in Italy. Got sent to sports office in the university.
-Sports office was closed. A sign outside told me to go to the university sports facilities.
-On the sports grounds, I find the office where I have to enroll. The guy tells me that I'm way to early and that I have to come back two weeks later.
-I come back two weeks later. The guy tells me that I need a medical test by a doctor. The free university test takes place Mondays and Wednesdays from 18h30 to 19h30 on the sports ground.
-I come back on Monday at 18h35. The guy tells me I'm too late. Come back another time.
I come back on Wednesday at 18h15. The guy tells me that there are already too many others. I should come at around 17h30 to obtain a place.
-Today, Wednesday, I went back at 17h30. The guy two places in front of me in the row got the last available space.

Internet access in the university network (pending for four weeks):
-first of all, nobody would bother or care for me to have access at all, no explanation in the student package whatsoever
-on request, the portier at the residence gives me a paper slip with an internet address where I can request a username and an access code
-I fill out the form and send it to the required address, accompanied by a copy of my ID card (which they seem to want everywhere here) and my postal address
-no wireless in the faculty or in the residence for two weeks, we have to log in to a free wireless in the neighborhood. Never seen so many laptops on the windowboards at the same time.
-I go to the IT office in the faculty, they send me to the Erasmus office
-the Erasmus office fills out a paper for me and sends me to the computer care office
-in the computer care office, finally I get access to the terminals in the university, and even an access key for the faculty wireless
-in the residence, meanwhile, I got the password from a friend and can log in to the wireless. in the university network, youtube, skype and email attachments are blocked. They don't serve academic purposes...

there are a few more examples like my student transport card, but these were the most striking ones. I've never made so many kilometers for simple administrative procedures. Oh it was so easy in Maastricht... ;)

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