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Up to now, there are few truly European media. Look at your member state, where you have tons of national, regional and local newspapers. But truly European newspapers, TV channels or radio channels?

There are three, maybe four important print and online media reporting about European affairs from an objective perspective. The
European Voice is the only printed European weekly newspaper which is widely read by European policy makers and folks interested in European affairs. New Europe is another one, which however cannot aspire to the same fame and is more opinion-oriented and rooted in the blogosphere. The EUObserver is a web-based news portal with easily accessible and understandable information about current affairs which serves as a good introduction into European politics. Finally Euractiv serves as an information center on the state of current regulations and directives in the European Union.

The same goes for TV channels where
Euronews is without competitor up to today (which may be due to the fact that they get heavily subsidized by the European Union). EuroparlTV has sprang up some time ago, but cannot be seen as an objective European medium.

Radio? I know a single

And Young European news? Few. That is interesting, given that there is quite some action in youth affairs in the European Union. Erasmus, European Voluntary Service, Youth in Action - the European Union does organize quite a lot of issues relevant to Young European life. The most comprehensive medium one is probably
Café Babel, which is fed by young writers from all over Europe.


But information for young people are of importance especially as we get closer to the European elections. Do young people know what and whom they will vote for? Check my last post if you think they haven't told you enough about whom you're voting for. 
Meanwhile, check our new webTV project ZEUS reporting about the election campaign, but also Young European affairs from Maastricht and Brussels at

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