How to get informed about European Affairs quickly?

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There is such a buzz of different media out there that sometimes you might get a little dizzy. Either pick your favorite media and get a comprehensive overview over the topics that they consider important - even though that's like you go to a Chinese restaurant with a single dish on the menu. Or try and skim through the different websites and blogs out there every morning, hoping that you get a comprehensive overview.

Recently, two websites have been launched that can give you quite a good overview over the European media scence within a short space of time. The first one is, a project by the European Journalism Centre (EJC) based in Maastricht. On accessing the page, you can click on the flag of each member state of the EU or of the EU itself. You will then get a page with the top news of the major newspapers in your country, your neighbor country or the European Union. The only drawback: The news remain in the national language, so no news from Slovenia or Hungary for me...


The second important page, focusing much more on affairs of the European Union, is For the last few years, the European blogosphere has sprung into life and revolutionized the exchange of quality information about European politics. Within a short space of time after the release of a press statement by the European Union, the bloggers have already investigated the issues more closely, post their opinion on their blog and allow other to copy and paste the news, spread them further and generate knowledge around the blogosphere. What you get is a highly sophisticated picture and opinion on the most current status in European affairs. Even though the European blogosphere is still in its beginning moments, the look across the pond shows the power of high level web-based information sharing: In the US, more than one politician, journalist or businessman had to quit his job after accusations of fraud or other that have not initially found their way into the traditional media (mainstream media, MSM) but have been kept alive in the blogosphere until the MSM felt compelled to pick up on them.

This shows us: blogs matter. And it appears they offer us a way of participating, expressing our opinion, sympathy or refusal of political actions in a more direct way. And maybe, one of the visitors of your blog will be a high-ranking politician, who, on reading your post, will think: This idea is not so stupid and I should think about it a little more.

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