European Youth Week takes place this week

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Between Sunday 2 November and Sunday 9 November, the European Union celebrates the European Youth Week. All over the European Union, the Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture, in cooperation with the European Youth Forum and national youth councils, organized more than 500 events that aim to highlight the role of young people in the European Union. While events in the nation states range from info points and presentations to full-grown seminars about European youth issues, the DG EAC invited 200 young Europeans to a summit event in Brussels. During the upcoming days and until Friday 7, they will deliberate the structure of the current European Youth policy and attempt to formulate new propositions. These will be integrated into the proposal for a new European Youth Policy in 2009.
The Youthweek marks the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the European Youth Policy. Since 1988, according to the speaker of the youth department in the DG EAC, more than 1,5 million young people have been able to benefit from exchanges, seminars and language trainings organized under the framework of the Youth Policy.
The European Youth Week, however, once more highlights the democratic deficit of the European Union. As in the Youth event following the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome in 2007 in Rome, the participation in the European Youth Week event in Brussels was only open to representatives of the national youth councils. Young people from over the European Union with new and creative ideas for a new European Youth Policy thus do not get a chance to make their ideas heard. The only way for active Europeans to voice their opinion is to fill out a survey on the European Youth Portal ( or to write a letter to the DG EAC within the European Commission. For further information, also see

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