German Youth Media Days

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After the European Youth Media Days, it was time for the German counterpart to happen. From October 30 until November 2nd, 525 young media makers stormed the honorable halls of the second public German TV channel ZDF. The participants from all over Germany came to meet media experts and participate in workshops with the goal of producing a print magazine, newspaper, radio or TV spot each. And they came to meet and to celebrate with another 525 young journalists from all parts of the republic.
The ZDF is an interesting place to host the Youth Media Days, because it gives the young journalists a direct insight into the day-to-day workings of TV production, news and entertainment shows. Likewise, it provides the young journalists with a great range of well-known journalists willing to share their knowledge with them.
What is a great opportunity for the young people also is a great opportunity for referents, invited journalists and TV producers. The public they have before them will be giving out the direction for German media at some point within the next 30 years. Thus, better get a hold of the young people early so as to lead them in the right direction and to recognize useful potential rightaway.
But organizing this enormous event also was a huge challenge for a small team composed of the best and the brightest of the German Youth Press ( For more than a year, the team has been working in cooperation with the ZDF, sponsors and media partners in order to make these four days happen. In the last weeks before the event, a larger team for participant care, logistics and transport joined the original crew. During the four days in the ZDF, we've been working to our maximum to make it a good event for all participants. The core team slept a maximum of 5 hours per night during the run-up and the days of the event. All others did not sleep much more than that. There were so many tasks to fulfil that many just felt like their heads were bursting. Try to coordinate 31 workshops, 31 media experts and 525 participants so that everybody finds their right place all over the city of Mainz, has their material to do reporting, is briefed about the objectives of the workshop and will also find the way back......
If you want to check out the results of the workshops, check and Also be sure to check, our new Facebook for European journalists with facilities for picture and article exchange! Hope to see you there very soon!

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