Italy I'm comin'!!

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ciao! oggi finalmente è venuto il momento per andarsene. Hey there! Saturday will be there soon, and then I'm heading down to Italy. in Italy I'll be following a three-week Italian course in the lovely city of Trento, internationally known as Trient. And almost spelled the same as another Italian city by the name of Trieste. It's only two letters, but it makes all the difference. Assuming I'd being going to the latter, I booked a flight to Ljubljana in Slovenia, from where it would have taken only around an hour to get to the Italian city of Trieste. However, it was Trient instead, which is around 400 km to the West of Trieste. Thus, a single hour will become around a half days of travelling. Thank you, Slovenian, Austrian and Italian rail services.
So, while you're probably enjoying the German team kicking butt or getting their butt kicked by the Spanish on Sunday, I'll be sitting somewhere in a train on the way from Ljubljana to Trento. Hope they've got a radio station down there which broadcasts in English, German or Italian...
on the other hand, the language course will hopefully make up for the extra travels. It'll allow us to do some travels around the region, to speak with local representatives of politics and administration, to get to know tasty north Italian food.and to do some networking workshops after the language training. The goal of this course is to bring together representants of European Youth organzations to help them work together in their efforts to promote European Integration.
but first, the Euro final. it'll sure go well: no matter what nation gains the cup, Europe will always win.

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